Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Remember Today. Debate Tomorrow.

Can I vent for a moment?

Racism is wrong. Assumption that everyone in a group is the same is wrong.  Whether motivated by fear or anger or hatred, it isn't right for Americans to assume that every muslim is a terrorist or a radical and it certainly isn't right to assume that muslim Americans are any less "patriotic" simply based on dress or skin color.

Trust me, it angers me when those things happen, and it angers me when people use 9/11 to justify their racism and hatred...because a small group of people don't define the whole culture, just like its wrong to assume all Christians are like the men and women at Westboro Baptist Church.

ALSO, I, like almost everyone else in America, want peace in the Middle East, even if we disagree on political topics involving the region.

But you know what angers me just as much? When people are so concerned with being "politically correct" or "not offending" or even just in "promoting peace" that they can't just remember 9/11 without bringing these things up. 3,000 people died that day and nothing indicates that those people for racist or bigoted or pro war.  Those people didn't die for an evil cause, they died for being Americans who happened to work in certain buildings or get on certain flights that morning.  Their deaths should not be used to politicize one issue or another. DON'T CHEAPEN THEIR DEATHS BY TYING YOUR AGENDA TO IT.  9/11 may be a date that begin a time in America's history that you don't like, but these men and women did not cause that.

I've noticed the trend on facebook the past few "9-11's" make sure to mention peace and disagreements with war and a belief that we categorize all muslims as terrorists.  Even statuses remembering include commentary on racism or peace....SERIOUSLY, can it not just wait a day?

Your opinions may be valid and legit, they may spark great debate that needs to occur, they may even change my mind on an issue....but not today, not in a day where we should remember and honor.  Voice your opinions and critiques later.

I can be quite opinionated on political and moral issues, but I promise to keep my views on war and racism to myself today too.

Today I just remember the men and women who woke up and kissed loved ones goodbye and maybe made comments about when they would be home for dinner or  that they would call when their plane landed.  Today I remember heros that bravely prevented a 4th target by taking over that plane.  I remember children who lost moms and wives who lost husbands and parents who lost children.  I remember heros in ran into a burning building and ended up dying in the rubble. 

I remember because it could have been me or someone I love. Just someone living life. But, it wasn't me, by God's grace, and that's why I have to remember.

It's horrible when someone fighting for America loses his life, but its downright tragic when someone  who has nothing to do with war or military is attacked for no reason, other than being American.

Lives were lost and America was changed. But, even more intimately, to those individuals and their families and friends, their lives were personally changed....which is why today has to be solely about remembering them and remembering a more innocent America.

Remember Today.  Debate tomorrow.

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