Monday, September 9, 2013

Just a little DC Catchup

The past few days have been busy and good.  I started my new job and I really enjoy it.  Nice people, interesting, great location -- that's all I can say as of now because I just started, but I think it will be a great place for me!

Thursday, after work, we went to free pizza night at a pizzeria in bethesda.. Haven Pizzeria was giving away free cheese pizzas for National Cheese pizza day! The pizza was delicious, but not completely free because we added toppings and drinks, as well as a tip..but all in all, a good dinner for 12 bucks AND a good celebration to my first day at work....I REALLY DIDN'T WANT TO GO HOME AND COOK :( A fun little first day of new job celebration.

This weekend was far less relaxing than last weekend, but still good.  We literally had nothing in our fridge to eat Friday except rice, oatmeal and cheese, so we made a  trip to trader joe's and picked up appetizery type food, beer and wine. Dave's friend stopped by after work with his own apps and we all watched TV.  (THRILLING URBAN LIFESTYLE, RIGHT??)

We stayed home in part because Saturday I had to get up early to go to a Jr League training session.  I joined the Jr League in Jackson this spring as a provisional member but transferred to the DC chapter when we moved.  It was helpful to go to the training and hear about our requirements, but it was overwhelming because I knew no one in the whole large room of women.  I am so glad I have a way to plug in, meet people and give back to DC this year, but knowing that this will help me meet others didn't change the fact that it was hard to not know anyone.  I had several friends in the Jackson chapter of the JL and several in my provisional class, so its a little sad that I am starting over here.

As a whole, DC has proved to be very friendly, but there are those moments when it really sinks in that I am starting over -- when I have to work at chit chat  with people I barely know or when I walk into a room with so many women I do not know at all (and many of them already know eachother!)  It's moments like Saturday morning that make me really eager to come home to Dave.  The plus side of moving to a new city with a spouse (or a roomie or sibling, etc) is that when it seems no one knows you, you can come home and regroup with someone who already knows you so well.  I think Dave and I are able to put ourselves out there and try to meet people because we have the comfort of coming home to each other.

The rest of our Saturday was spent doing chores, grocery shopping and watching football.  Saturday night, I had a "stock the freezer" night - while watching the AUBURN game. (More on that later --- but I ended up with 5 meals and 3 recipes sitting in my freezer!)

Sunday morning I helped a friend stuff packets for a conference she is planning, then met up with Dave for a little touristy trip to the American History Museum before church.  Sadly, many of the exhibits were closed for a renovation but I did get to see the first lady dresses, my fav!  I have decided that I would be a horrible president ( couldn't handle the stress!) but an excellent first lady!

So, not a super thrilling or super restful weekend, but I got some stuff done.  Not all weekends can be exciting, even in DC :)

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  1. So glad you are loving your new job! Yay!! And your first day outfit was perfect!