Monday, September 16, 2013

Posts on Singleness: More to Come

I promised to keep writing about singleness a few times a month -- just like I used to in my old blog--and I have been slacking on that promise.  Despite being married and quite happy with marriage, I still feel single in so many ways, I am having a hard time settling into the stereotypical marital rolls (lots of nights in......which is partly brought on by 2 months on one income in a very expensive city). I guess it makes sense that I still resonate with singleness.  It's how I have spent a majority of my adult life thus far and it's a state of life that I loved and hated all at once.  When singleness is a way people identify you (and trust me, in Jackson, MS, you are identified for being single), it becomes a way in which you identify yourself....except I like to think I took the stereotype and made it mine on.  Single, but social and happy.  Independent, but so independent that I didn't need other.  Fulling using my free time to do and try new things, travel new places, enjoy the time where my only daily focus had to be me, but at the same time using that free time to become involved with ministry and foster community and friendships. I mean, it's not how I always lived life, but I sure did try to find the balance.

I partly haven't written about singleness because I have been busy adjusting to marriage and even more so, adjusting to a new city and new people.  A lot of what I have written has dealt with my new changes.  But, I partly haven't written about singleness because I fear being a "know it all" or coming off as condescending.  I somewhat resented people who were married and writing about singleness as if they have all the answers....but the difference is I was recently single.  I probably have a lot more to say about singleness than I do about marriage.

So, all that to say, I'm back...I will try to have atleast 2-3 posts on singleness and/or young adulthood a month....the good and bad!!! And, maybe I can even throw in some comparison posts to marriages....because believe it or not, there are some things I miss about singleness....BUT I don't miss those things enough to wish I was still single, ha!!! (too many challenges as a single)

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. One thing I have learned from marriage is that there are so many things to adjust to. The part no one tells you about being married is trying to figure out who you are amidst so many changes: the change of your name, learning how to live with some one in a whole new way that is both unknown and exciting all at once. Then there is the change in relationship from being single to being married. Something that you have been defined as your whole life be it job applications or your relationship status. Katy, you are doing great. There are so many new things that by the time you have been married a whole year it is hard to see yourself any other way.