Sunday, September 15, 2013

Thankful: Day trip to Lancaster, PA

Yesterday Dave and I met Marley, Bech and Jack Attack in Lancaster, Pennsylvania for a fun fall day of apple picking, "amish stalking", traditional amish food and viewing Bech's artwork featured in a show! Dave and I then came home for an evening of football! The weather was perfect and the company was even better, and after leaving, all I could think was that I was thankful!

I'm thankful for cooler temps in DC and long sleeves!

I'm thankful for a day with my sister and brother in law.

I'm thankful for the energy and personality of my silly little nephew.

I'm thankful for apples, pumpkins, gourds and hay!

I'm thankful to have a sister nearby - for day trips, weekend visits and holidays - and in case of any emergency!

I'm thankful for a cute husband in a fall sweater :)

I'm thankful for family with a sense of humor.

I'm thankful for such a talented brother in law.... we're so proud of his work! (And I am even lucky enough to have a few pieces!)

I'm thankful for an evening of sweats, football and an easy lazy dinner of snack food!

I am so thankful for DC in general. We are quite happy here, but yesterday was such a blessing.  When we are busy trying to meet people and settle in here in DC, it was so nice to see family and have a day together with people we already know and love.  I feel like this will be the first of many day/weekend trips for the 5 of us!  We both moved far away, but how kind the Lord was to let us move near each other.

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