Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Aren't Long Lazy Weekends WONDERFUL?

(SIDENOTE: I always hate when I type up a blog and then read a similar post from someone else right before I post mine.  Oh well...sorry if you are reading duplicate posts!)

This three day weekend was lazy and easy and wonderful....And I loved it!

Being new in a city has some advantages- like more down time.  People have been plenty hospitable, yet we aren't so plugged in that every moment is jam packed. I kind of have a history of overcommitting and over planning, so its nice to have free time.  I honestly think its been good for me to wind down after years of busyness (like 29 years) and I think its been great to solidify our marriage with so much free time these first couple months - best buddies and sidekicks!

But despite our less than busy weeknights, it seems our weekends have still been busy, so having a mostly free weekend was amazing! We had one thing on the calendar this weekend and that was just dinner at a friend's house. Sometimes its just glorious to have nothing major planned.

Long lazy weekends are wonderful aren't they? Perfect for watching movies and baking cookies. Ideal for dinners with friends and walks around the neighborhood with the hubby.  And there was something wonderful about watching football on TV all day without any pressure to get up and go somewhere.  Lazy weekends are great opportunities for last minute get togethers with friends and for attempting new recipes. Perfect for easy gameday lunches of sandwiches and chips. Also ideal for a little trip into the city Monday to walk around and visit a museum. This weekend was also a lovely chance to walk to a neighborhood outdoor movie (GREASE).

 Dave cooked me Sunday Lunch with an old camp recipe involving beer, seasoning and tenderizing the meat with a beer bottle

 Our trip to the portrait gallery

 We really went to the gallery to see this roof of the courtyard (We do this often, go to buildings to see the building, not what the building contains -- can you tell I married an architect?)

A weekend walk to the Iwo Jima memorial

Outdoor showing of Grease

Life is about to get busy this fall...wonderful busy, but busy  -- a weekend babysitting our nephew Jack, 3 weekends of out of town guests, a trip to Lancaster with my sister and brother in law.  I already have Jr League obligations 2 weekends this month. Not to mention, both of us will be working now, so weekends will be busier with handling the house -- tidying up, chores and meal planning.  Plus our weekends need to be busy with final touches on our apartment: hanging pictures and finding those last few pieces of furniture....Then come the holidays....

I don't know when we will have a free weekend with no commitments anytime in the near future, so I am so glad we took advantage of this one.  And, I loved this lazy weekend so much that maybe I will push my busy tendencies aside and try to keep the occasional Saturday or Sunday free. :)  Old habits die hard though!

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  1. Yay for your free weekend! Looks like you had a great time!