Sunday, September 22, 2013

Refusing to let Winter steal the Joy from my FALL

Sunday was the first day of Fall, although one could argue that fall had already arrived in DC. I've had plenty of cool morning walks to the metro and evenings where we turn the air conditioner off. A few leaves have changed colors and I have even cooked chili already!! I wore boots for the first time today.

Fall is a wonderful time of year - full of college football, pumpkin treats, sweaters, cocoa, chilly morning runs and wonderful cool evenings. Although fall is short in Mississippi, it is much celebrated and greatly anticipated, proving once again that things waited for (be it a baby, job offer or changing leaves) are most cherished!

Everyone here in DC states that Fall came early....normally the cooler temps don't start so early.  It's made me quite worried that winter will arriver early - that just like the elementary kid that grows taller first, our area of the country will reach a colder harsher winter much sooner.  If you know much about me, you know that I hate being cold. I love a good chilly wind on my face as long as I am wearing a warm jacket and have a scarf on, but I tend to fall apart in truly frigid temperatures. I like being outside, so I hate the weather being so dreary that it keeps you stuck inside.  I hate how winter seems to turn everyone "pudgier" - both in heavy attire and through heavy winter foods.  I dislike the lack of daylight. I dislike how lethargic winter makes everyone.

I didn't really like Mississippi winters and from what I hear, winters up here are colder and drearier! So when people in DC get excited about the early fall weather, my first thoughts - and sometimes my comments- are "Yes, its nice, but this means winter will surely come early!"

I don't know if I have been able to fully enjoy the blessing of fall because I've been too focused on the looming winter.  How sad would it be if I missed this lovely part of the year because I was focused on the season to come.  It can't be avoided, but it doesn't mean I have to stress about it now.  Isn't that how most of life is? We knows bad times will head our way, but we don't have to let it overshadow the current good times.

So, I am going to fully embrace fall -- after all, it's the most "FALL" fall I have ever hard.   Winter and its dreariness can be dealt with on another day and possibly even be appreciated for its own few benefits (hello movie nights, Christmas, soups and stews and cuddling on the couch!)

Until then, I plan to rock my boots and tights, pick out a pumpkin, enjoy plenty of college football, take chilly runs, cook lots of chili, bake pumpkin muffins, snuggle up in old sweatshirts, make s'mores with my sweet hubby, drive through the countryside to see the leaves falling and much much more. (There will possibly be a TO DO fall list soon, you all know I love a good list!)

Winter is coming, but I refuse to let this knowledge take the the joy out of my FALL!!

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