Thursday, August 22, 2013

Around the Neighborhood: Oby Lee's

Last week, I met two Jackson friends for dinner at Oby Lee's Winery and Creperie which is in Clarendon and about a mile from our house-- I will definitely going back!  The crepes were good, but definitely the best part was the wine fountain!

With the wine fountain, you buy a plastic card with money on it, kindof like a metro card.  You then put the card in the slot on the fountain and pick a wine and an amount that you want (1/4, 1/2, full glass)  The waiter said that some customers keep their card loaded up and just walk in and go straight to the wine fountain.

I liked the fountain and it will definitely be a place I visit again just because it's fun -- however I can find wine cheaper other places so it's not a place to go all the time. I loved Oby Lee's though, because this is the type of place you can only find in a big city.  Wine Fountains aren't everywhere!

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