Friday, August 16, 2013


I've had a busy 2.5 weeks.  Flew home to pack, say goodbyes, load up and then made the 2 day journey to DC where we unloaded our stuff. I spent the trip in the car with Marley and Jack -- and Jack was always very excited to get in the "Big Truck" on gas stops!

 hanging out with friends in Jackson

Playing in the BIG TRUCK

 Saying goodbyes was tough, but I am glad I had the opportunity to do it. Otherwise I would have had to say goodbye to everyone at the wedding.  Mississippi is a special place and it was hard to leave, but I was eager to see my Mississippi boy after 9 days apart so I was eager to get back to the city.

Enjoying friday night with my FAVORITE guy

After unloading, we spent one day in DC where everyone was able to recover and I had an interview. We then had Friday night tapas and sangria at one of my favorite DC restaurants, LA TASCA. 

Jack loves hanging out in the neighborhood with Uncle Big Dave

The next day, we headed to a small town near State College, Penn to help Marley and Bech move their stuff into their new house.  Their house was cute and HUGE -- we all got a laugh out of how much more your money will get you in a small town v. DC. It's a precious little town that I think they will enjoy.....BUT the one drawback is..... its hilly (which is adorable but not the most fun when moving!!)  We ended the night by trying out a restaurant in State College (the town ten minutes away where Bech will be attending school)
Unpacking in Pennsylvania

Dave and I spent the night before driving back to the city.  We took a different way home so we could see more of Pennsylvania and we made a pit stop at Hershey, Penn. (more on that stop later) 

Hershey, Penn

Since getting home, I've done a lot of unpacking and settling back in, and I will be honest, it's been tough. Dave and I were just starting to get settled into our life here in DC, but going home made me aware of how much I miss Mississippi.  Part of me didn't want to go home for a week for this very reason---- I haven't been here long enough for it to be home, so going back to my former home was just confusing.  However, I missed Dave the entire time I was in Mississippi and was eager to see him my trip to Mississippi made me realize that he is my home now, wherever we live.  Even so, coming back to a house full of boxes, no job and days that weren't busy with friends and family was difficult.  I've had my moments of doubting the move, but have mostly tried to enjoy our adventure, but this week I was a bit less positive. Finishing unpacking some boxes helped: its amazing how much happier you feel when you can see your floor!!! Also dinner plans with friends from MS and a camping trip this weekend with church friends has my spirits high again.  And as much as I love sweet Mississippi, it is good that I won't be going home for a few then, DC will be home and involve a job, friends, a decorated apartment, a routine.  

UNPACKING....halfway there!

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  1. Yay for being halfway unpacked! Keep it up, girl! Moving and change is always hard. But you are right--it's a new adventure and I know you are going to love it!